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November 1 - 3, 2019

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Save the date: Nov 1 - 3, 2019

Video highlights from our 2018 Conference

Women from over 20 different states  around the U.S. and Canada attended our 2nd conference in October 2018! 

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Our passion at What Women Want is to teach women what they need to learn, to not only succeed but to go far beyond their perceived potential both professionally AND personally. We truly believe that you can succeed farther and faster in your business if you also work on the business of yourself.

And we will rise even higher with a powerful female community surrounding us.

Our motto has ALWAYS been: Connect, Encourage and Inspire.

CONNECT: For 8 years I've been building What Women Want to become a highly respected national brand that has connected thousands of women across the country and Canada and quite honestly, all over the world! From our exciting regional chapters that hold monthly networking events to our annual national conference, the connecting factor is  through dedicated women that value elevating each other to new heights.

ENCOURAGE: We feel that knowledge  goes far in encouraging women, while laughing and supporting along the way. Our philosophy is that we can succeed farther and faster in our businesses if we also work on the business of ourselves, so we provide education specifically for building your business as well as strengthening your inner resolve. 

INSPIRE: Learning from each other and our stories that make us who we are is paramount in moving forward with motivation and purpose. Inspiration is the key to keep us going...and our mantra of "Go BIG" is to help you think out of the box and realize your potential is far greater than you can imagine, and that together we will get you there.

We can't wait to meet you at this year's conference!

With gratitude always,

Judy Goss

CEO What Women Want

TV Personality/Emcee


Testimonials From 2018

In 2018 women attended from over 20 states and Canada!

Jane Bishop, Atlanta, Georgia


"As someone who values a conference that is well organized with a variety of applicable content delivered in a setting that fosters energy and insight, the 2017 Spirit of Women Conference delivered! I look forward to the 2018 What Women Want Conference building on these essentials and providing more business and personal development opportunities.  See you in Atlanta!"  -

Owner, Take The Next Step 

Joan Pelzer, NYC


"I have been to more conferences than I can count, and the women attending What Women Want are true go-getters, wanting to genuinely help and elevate each other. Besides the knowledge I have gained from top experts in their fields, I have made incredible connections that have helped me propel my business to new heights." 

CEO Joan Pelzer Media

Kristin West, California


"The What Women Want Conference for me was more than just about learning and connecting, it was about accessing my inner power and giving myself permission to be who I really wanted to be. I discovered a new purpose for myself with others who encouraged and empowered me, and that for me was priceless. I can't wait for this year!" 

Award-winning actress, producer, screenwriter

Randi Levin, New Jersey


"Judy Goss and her team knocked it out of the park at their first national conference in 2017. Chock full of motivation, business tips, strategy and next steps - there was something for everyone to take away. It captured it all: connection, community, wisdom, empowerment, intelligent conversations."

Princess Bola Adelani, Connecticut


"It was a fantastic gig. World-class, well organized, great speakers and audience and great energy!"

Lucy Brummett, North Carolina


"Attending the Spirit of Women conference this past fall was the inspiration that I was looking for. I came out feeling empowered to keep going and the genuine connections that I made were an added bonus. If you are looking to add value to your business AND personal development I highly recommend going in 2018." 


Kelly McNelis, Seattle, Washington

"The What Women Want Conference is all about empowering women with the tools they need to grab life by the reins! It’s an experience that will expand your sense of possibility, especially when it comes to what you can create in a community of supportive women who’ve got your back. You can’t help but be inspired in this kind of space—not only are you connecting with amazing leaders and speakers who are sharing their tools for transformation, but you’re also surrounded by passionate, wise women who are doing things their way! The energy of connection, collaboration, power, talent, and joy is unmistakable, and it’s something all women need to experience at least once." 

Founder of

About Us

We attract an incredible tribe of women.



Established in 2011

What Women Want Networking (the company behind our annual conference) was established seven years ago by TV/Radio Show Host Judy Goss and has several regional chapters spanning from coast to coast. We passionately bring women together at these established chapters every single month across the country, and at our What Women Want National conference we gather together every year at the same time to meet even more motivated game-changers in the quest to reach our highest potential in business AND in our personal lives.   

Nationally Acclaimed

Founder/CEO Judy Goss and her company What Women Want Networking is constantly being featured in the press 

because of her background in TV, radio and publishing.  

Judy Goss hosts  Women Want Talk Radio  along with Kristin West and it has garnered over 10,000 listeners/show airing live weekly on and archived for replays on YouTube, iTunes, Google Play and LA Talk Radio's website. Judy also is the new host for Behind The Gates, a luxury real estate show airing on the AWE channel.

Join us for this year's conference, we would love to meet you!

Celebrity Keynotes and World-Class Experts



We have top industry experts flying in from all over the country and Canada specializing in mindset training, finance, career, spirituality and business building and they will show you how to MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL using all of these areas.



Limited seating - save your spot before we sellout!

Go BIG with us for VIP Leadership Development Day will be held 

in the afternoon on Friday, October 19th.

See our schedule for all the details!

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